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I. Economics

Working Papers


[7] “Gender Peer Effects in the Workplace: A Field Experiment in Indian Call Centers”

Featured in World Bank Development Impact Blog , Ideas for India, IGC Blogpost and Hindustan Times

Best Paper Award, Women in the Economy Workshop: 3rd Annual Workshop, Indian Statistical Institute

[6] “Effect of Co-residence with Parents-in-law on Female Labor Force Participation” (with Anil Deolalikar and Abhik Banerji) SSRN

[5] Batheja, D., Nandi, A., Banerji, A., Summan, A., and Laxminarayan, R. “COVID-19 and Women’s Age at Marriage: New Evidence from India” SSRN


[4] “More than particulate matter matters: Pollution and productivity in Indian call centers” (with Sarojini Hirshleifer and Jamie T. Mullins)

Works in Progress

[3] “Does Signalling College Quality Matter? An Experimental Study in India” (with Sarojini Hirshleifer and Opinder Kaur)


[2] “COVID-19 and Mental Health: Experimental Evidence from India” (with Jere Behrman, Ramanan Laxminarayan, Subha Mani, and Arindam Nandi)


[1] Batheja, D., Mani, S., Nandi, A., Behrman, J., and Laxminarayan, R. “Birth Order, Gender and Learning Outcomes in India”


II. Health Policy

Peer Reviewed Published Research

[18] Batheja, D., Goel, S., Fransman, W., Mantsoki, A., Ongarello, S., & Laxminarayan, R. (2023). “Understanding the value of biobank attributes to researchers using a conjoint experiment.” Nature Scientific Reports.

[17] Thomas, C., Shilton, S., Thomas, C., Batheja, D., Goel, S., Mone Iye, C., Ivanova, E. and Martínez‐Pérez, G.Z. (2022) “Values and preferences of the general population in Indonesia in relation to rapid COVID‐19 antigen self‐tests: A cross‐sectional survey” published in Tropical Medicine & International Health.

[16] Martínez-Pérez, G.Z., Shilton, S., Saruê, M., Cesario, H., Banerji, A., Batheja, D., Cunha, J.P., Baptista, R., Schirmer, J., Reipold, E.I. and Dias, A.M., (2022) “Self-Testing for COVID-19 in São Paulo, Brazil: Results of a Population-Based Values and Attitudes Survey” published in BMC Infectious Diseases

[15] Manguro, G., Shilton, S., Omenda, S., Owira, P., Batheja, D., Banerji, A., Chabeda, S.V., Temmerman, M., Jako, W., Ndungu, J. and Luchters, S., (2022) “Are Kenyans Likely to Use COVID-19 Self-Testing Kits? Results From a Cross-Sectional Survey” published in International Journal of Public Health.

[14] Folayan, M., Shilton, S., Undelikwo, V., Alaba, O., Amusan, R., Ibrahim, M., Ogbozor, P.A., Mojisola, O., Batheja, D., Banerji, A. and Reipold, E.I., (2023) "People’s willingness to use COVID-19 self-testing in Nigeria: a cross-sectional survey." BMJ Open

[13] Brumwell, A.N.,  Babatunde, G.A., Wilson, M.W., Roux, K., Marks, M.M., Adam, J.K., Ivanova, E., Batheja, D., Goel, S., Shilton, S., and Martínez-Pérez, G.Z. (2023) “Values Relating to COVID-19 Self-Testing Among the Urban and Rural South African General Population: A Cross-Sectional Survey” Preventive Medicine Reports

[12] Batheja, D., Kurian, V., Buteau, S., Joy, N. and Nair, A., “Role of Oxygenation Devices in Alleviating the Oxygen Crisis in India” PLOS Global Public Health

Working Papers


[11] Joshi, J., Batheja, D., and Lamkang, S.A. “A Qualitative Study on Non-prescription Sale of Antibiotics in Pharmacies of New Delhi: Perspectives from Pharmacists, Dispensers and Consumers” Submitted

[10] Carcamo, C., Shilton, S., Mallma Salazar, P.S., Oses, P.P., Slimming, P.A.T., Batheja, D., Banerji, A., Reipold, E.I., and Martínez-Pérez, G.Z. “SARS-CoV-2 Self-Testing in Peru: A Survey of Values and Acceptability of the General Population” Submitted


[9] Martínez-Pérez, G.Z., Shilton, S., Daguiso, J., Cruz, D., Batheja, D., Goel, S., Reipold, E.I., and Rosadiño, D. “General Population’s Values and Attitudes of SARS-Cov-2 Self-Testing: A Cross-Sectional Survey in the Philippines” Submitted


[8] Shilton, S., Sharma, T., Martínez-Pérez, G.Z., Dash, G., Sah, A., Singh, R., Batheja, D., Goel, S., Reipold, E.I. “Public’s Values and Attitudes towards SARS-CoV-2 Self-Testing as a COVID-19 Case Detection Tool: Findings from a multi-State Survey in India” Submitted


[7] Goel, S., Joshi, J., Duong, P., Panarello, D., Parab, V., and Batheja, D. “The Educational and Health Impact of COVID-19 on Children with Special Needs: A Systematic Review” Submitted

[6] Batheja, D., Bhagwati, R., Goel., S., Jain, D., Mullins, J. and  Zhou, D.,  “Mental Health of Working Women in China and India: A Mixed Method Study” Submitted

Works in Progress

[5] Joshi., J., Batheja, D., and Laxminarayan, R., “Impact of COVID-19 on Children with Disabilities in India: A Mixed Method Study”


[4]  Batheja, D., Chatterjee C. and Narayanan, R., “Effect of Pollution and Temperature on Eye Health: Evidence from India”


[3] Batheja, D., Goel, S., and Laxminarayan, R., “Gender, Norms and Antimicrobial Resistance”


[2] Banerji, A., Bhagawati, R., Gopal, G., Manoff. S., Sapre, A., Goel, S., and Batheja, D.,  “Socio-economic Drivers of COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy in India: Evidence from a Mixed Method Study”


[1] Batheja, D., Pascual, M.M., Wimberly, M.C., Nandi, A., and C.C. Murdock. “Redefining Thermal Suitability for Urban Malaria Transmission in the Context of Humidity: Evaluating the Risk Profiles of Urban Residents through a Cross-sectional Survey”


III. Policy Reports and Other Publications

[5]  Varadan, S. R., Chandler, C. I. R., Weed, K., Ahmed, S. M., Atuire, C., Batheja, D., ... & Lewycka, S. (2023). "A just transition for antimicrobial resistance: planning for an equitable and sustainable future with antimicrobial resistance." The Lancet.


[4] “Adolescent Girls in Gujarat: The Key to Gujarat’s Goal of being a Trillion Dollar Economy.” World Bank Report 2023 (Forthcoming)

[3] Demographic Change and Implications for Human Development Outcomes and Strategies in Tamil Nadu. World Bank Background Paper, 2022

[2] Rajasthan 2040: Towards Gender Inclusive Growth. World Bank, Background Paper 2022

[1] “Efficiency Comparison of Bus Operators in Delhi” published in Journal of Transport Literature, Volume 9, Number 1, January 2015.


IV. Newspaper and Popular Press

  1. Antimicrobial Resistance and Gender" on CDDEP’s Blog, March 08, 2022 (with Srishti Goel)

  2. Does the gender of your co-worker matter? Evidence from call centres” in Ideas for India, October 05, 2020

  3. The ripple effect of gender inclusivity on India’s economy” in the Hindustan Times, August 02, 2021

  4. “Women must 'lean in’ to be taken seriously in the political sphere” in the Hindustan Times, April 30, 2014 (with Devaki Jain)

  5. Women’s voices in India-China talks” in Gateway House Indian Council on Global Relations, Nov 8, 2013 (with Devaki Jain)

  6. Need progressive masculinities to get feminist view” in The Tribune, August 23, 2012

  7. Strengthening SME sector will open up a new strategy of broad-based, fast growth,” The Economic Times, Sep 22, 2012 (with Devaki Jain)

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